Thank you to all of our customers for the great support this year; we have sold out! It is disappointing to us that we can’t get the rest of you floating for the remainder of the summer. We will be restocked when production is complete (although not as fast as some of you may need) We appreciate all of you and good luck with your upcoming very special deliveries!


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Product Description

BellyFlopz™ is a fun and relaxing pool float made specifically for pregnant women. Its unique design gives pregnant women a chance to regain some well-deserved Belly time! The natural buoyancy of the water supports and cradles the Belly for comfort and relaxation.

The BellyFlopz™ egg-shaped belly opening is designed to fit most pregnant bellies and covered in a soft fabric to avoid belly irritation by sticking to the PVC. Handles on each side make the pool float easy to carry and provide assistance in getting on and off. Our BellyFlopz opening is more of an egg-shape to follow the natural contours of a pregnant woman’s belly.

You are able to inflate your BellyFlopz half way – then adjust with more/less air for a custom fit for you!

The NEW Boob Groove is a small indentation that was added on the top of the belly opening area to help a little with the growing boobage area for most pregnant women!

Inflated Dimensions:  68 inches long – 38 inches wide on top half – 29 inches wide on bottom half  & fully inflated it is 6 inches thick (all dimensions approximate)  

Belly Opening Inflated Dimensions:  13 inches long – 11 inches wide, egg-shaped contour (all dimensions approximate) 

U.S. Patent 8,303,361 B2

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 3 in


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